Investigative Analysis Reviews

“This is a very good class. It is what I was looking for as far as attempting to see what is going on in the minds of some of these killers and some indicators that someone may be involved in this activity.”
Sgt. Mary Heap
Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
“This was a great class. It provided me with additional investigative tools.”
Sgt. June Reeves
Columbus Police Department

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course and all of the courses taken within the Alpha Group’s crime and intelligence analysis training program. The instructors have a tremendous amount of experience, are excellent facilitators, engaging, and have effectively stimulated my interest and increased my competency in the subject matter.”

Steve Ramnath
Ryerson University

“This is an excellent program — best class I’ve ever been to! I loved Ken’s presentation style as well as the class exercises.”

Lianne Sobey
Criminal Intelligence Analyst
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

“The subject material is very interesting, realistic and enlightening, and Ken is an excellent instructor. Because of this course we were able to see things we would otherwise be unable to access.”

Jodi Taylor
Thunder Bay Police Service

“This is a very informative program. Ken presented the course in a very methodical manner that was easy to follow and understand.”

Detective Michael Puterbaugh
Toronto Police Service

“Totally awesome! I can honestly say that this is the best training I have been to in my career. Wish I had had it when I first worked a crime scene.”

Elizabeth Lumsden
Investigations Analyst
Bremerton Police Department

“This class was amazing and full of great information. It was really great to get into the psyche of these really derange criminals.”

Jennifer Rodems
Criminal Intelligence Analyst
Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN)
“This class is an absolutely exceptional overview of the diabolical nature of serial offenders — extremely disturbing on several levels, but necessary to provide a true representation of the caliber of homicide and rape offenders. I appreciated the variety of instruction/presentation that included traditional lecture, videos, case studies and classroom discussions that were very beneficial to the understanding of this complex subject matter. Thank you!”

Lara Hoover
Investigative Analyst
Arizona Office of Child welfare Investigations

“Fantastic class! One of the best I have taken!”

Special Agent Amy Doherty
Georgia Department of Revenue

“This is a great class! Ken Morris is amazing and informative. Makes me look at crime scenes in a new light.”

Deputy Rebecca J. Willmon
Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

“Awesome!!! This is a very interesting, eye-opening, educational and intensive training program!”

Martha Olivio
Homicide/Violent Crimes Analyst
Lee County Sheriff’s Office

“This has been one of the most informative investigative trainings I have attended. Ken Morris is a brilliant instructor who interacts well with his students.”

John F. Williams, Manager
Real-Time Crime Center
Crime Analysis Unit
Memphis Police Department

“This course provided me with very real and useful information to assist me in working homicides and other crimes.”

Detective Troy Jenne
Jupiter Police Department

“Ken Morris is a fantastic instructor and his course is excellent! His knowledge, humor, teaching ability, and subject matter material—bundled up in one package—is great!”

Evelyn Olivo
Intelligence Analyst
St. Petersburg Police Department

“This was a very informative class for me to take as a new homicide detective.”

Detective Lisa Vanderbilt
St. Petersburg Police Department

“What I most enjoyed about this program is that students learn from the personal experience of the instructor, who is truly a great investigator and profiler. The course gives a solid foundation for investigators and analysts to learn more about the profiling process, and provides the basic knowledge and sources for expanding your on-the-job capabilities.”

Eve Tabeau
Senior Research Officer
International Criminal Tribunal
for the Former Yugoslavia
The Hague, Netherlands