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Attention: University Instructors and Administrators!

If you would like to add an online Certificate Program in Crime and Intelligence Analysis to your criminal justice program, but:

  • You don’t have the time, budget, or staff to create it quickly?
  • You’re concerned about startup and ongoing program, instructional, IT, and maintenance costs?

We can remove these concerns by providing you with our world renowned 100% online Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program.  This Program is ready NOW for you to offer to students with zero startup costs and zero ongoing costs. No technology or IT required. Primary benefits include:

  • Highly engaging delivery
  • No minimum class sizes
  • Profit with even just 1 student
  • Global program allows you to expand your reach
  • Enroll students from anywhere in the world.
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Online programs take time to build.

  • Our program is ready NOW.

Online programs take money to build.

  • We give our program to colleges and universities for FREE. There is $0 startup cost.

But what about ongoing costs?

  • You have $0 startup cost and $0 ongoing cost. You pay us when a student enrolls in the class. This means that you make money first, then you pay our fee from that money.

Online Programs take talent to build.

  • Our program is taught by top talent: sworn officers, investigators, and analysts that have been globally recognized and applauded for over 20 years.

Online Programs that others are scrambling to develop are the ‘talking head professor’ or the already exhausted ‘zoom class’ model. Or even slides on a screen with voice-over.

  • Our program is a “learn-by-doing” model where students engage with hands-on activities and exercises throughout the class to both learn and practice the material. We engage the learner with real-life scenarios, gray-area decisions, and true-life cases to work and solve. No talking head. No passive learning. The student is actively learning from beginning to end.
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Do I need specific technology or an IT Team for this?

  • Nope. Our program is completely self-contained. If you already have a learning portal at your institution, we can load our program onto your portal. It’s plug and play. If you don’t have any technology in place or don’t want to use it, we provide a learning portal with our program. It will be branded to your institution and we manage the hosting and maintenance. You just send us students and we take care of the rest.

What about minimum class sizes or set start dates?

  • Not us! We offer rolling enrollment (a student can start a class any day, 365 days a year). This means no minimum class sizes – if you have 1 student, they can enroll. And even just 1 student is profitable since there is no ongoing cost to you to run our program. You only pay us when someone enrolls in a class.

The Certificate that Allows Students (or Participants) To

  • Become a crime analyst
  • Become an intelligence analyst
  • Better assist in investigations
  • Engage in proactive vs. reactive policing
  • Facilitate community-oriented policing
  • Conduct research and analysis of their communities.
  • Provide stats and analytics for their city councils and communities.
  • Work in fusion centers, Homeland Security, terrorism, or other specialized task forces.


We keep it simple. You market to and enroll the students. Just like you already do. We teach the students from beginning to end and provide back the grades and evaluations.

We manage the courses, instructors, and technology. There is nothing your institution has to do.

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What schools are you already doing this with?


Are you Interested?

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What else?

  • Our program is global. The curriculum is recognized worldwide. This gives your institution international reach now, which means more enrollments for you.
  • There is no annual contract or commitment. If you try it and it doesn’t work for you, we can stop offering the program with just 30 days’ notice.
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Analyze crime data and forecast future criminal events



Classify human behavior to unravel criminal masterminds



Connect the dots to uncover hidden criminal activity



Reduce crime rates and increase community satisfaction


Who We’ve Served

The Alpha Group is honored to have trained over 20,000 law enforcement personnel from all 50 US states, from every province in Canada, and from dozens of countries throughout the world. Here are only some of the many more international, federal, state, multi-state, provincial, municipal, county, and military law enforcement agencies and private sector corporations that have taken our courses.

Alberta Environment, Alberta, Canada
Alberta Solicitor General, Canada
Alberta Specialized Law Enforcement Training (ASLET), Canada
Anti-Corruption Ministry, Mexico City, Mexico
Belgium Federal Police, Brussels, Belgium
Bermuda Police Service
Calgary Police Service, Calgary, Canada
Canadian Border Service
Centro Internacional de Intelligencia de Mexico
Chilean Police Force, Santiago, Chile
Cleveland Police Service, UK
Commission on Public Integrity, Baghdad, Iraq
Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Durham Regional Police Service, Ontario, Canada
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria
Edmonton Police Service, Alberta, Canada
Environment Canada
European Forum for Information Sharing-Belgium
Halton Regional Police Service, Ontario, Canada
Hong Kong Police Force
Lacombe Police Service, Alberta, Canada
Lancashire Police Service, Lancashire, UK
Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada
Luxembourg Police Force
Manchester Police Service, Manchester, UK
Mexico State Police, Toluca, Mexico
Mossos d’Esquadra, Barcelona, Spain
New South Wales Police Service, Sydney, Australia
North Wales Police Service, Conway, UK
Ontario Provincial Police, Canada
Ottawa Police Service, Canada
Peel Regional Police-Canada
Philippine National Police, Philippines
Royal Bahamas Police Service
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa, Canada
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Cayman Islands
Royal Gibraltar Police Service, Gibraltar
Sao Paulo State Police, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sinaloa State Police, Culiacan, Mexico
Singapore Police Force, Singapore
Swedish National Police Board, Stockholm, Sweden
Toronto Police Service, Calgary, Canada
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Turkish National Police, Turkey
Vancouver Police Service, Vancouver, Canada
West Yorkshire Police Service, Wakefield, UK
Winnipeg Police Service, Manitoba, Canada
York Regional Police Service, UK
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Joint Intelligence Center of the Pacific (JICPAC)
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP)
United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
United States Department of Consumer Services
United States Department of Homeland Security
United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
United States Federal Air Marshal Service
United States Federal Police
United States Federal Protection Service
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
United States Marshals Service
United States Mint, Treasury Department
United States Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP)
United States Park Service
United States Postal Inspection Service
United States Secret Service
United States Transportation Security Administration
Alaska State Police
Arizona Attorney General’s Office
Arizona Counter Terrorism information Center
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Arkansas Highway Police
Arkansas State Police
California Department of Corrections
California Department of Justice
California Department of Justice-Drug Enforcement Administration
California Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Planning
California State Lottery commission
California State University Police
Colorado State Public Services
Connecticut State Police
Delaware State Police
Department of Driver Services, Georgia
Florida Department of Corrections
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Florida State Attorney’s Office
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Georgia Public Safety Training Center
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards
Illinois State Police
Indiana HIDTA
Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Maryland State Police
Massachusetts State Police
Michigan State Police
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Minnesota Department of Corrections
Missouri Gaming Commission
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Muckleshoot Gaming Commission, Washington
Nebraska State Police
New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice
New Jersey State Police
New Mexico State Police
New York State Police
North Carolina Bureau of Investigation
Ohio Attorney General’s Office
Ohio Bureau of Investigation
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Oregon State Police
Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Rhode Island State Police
South Carolina Department of Corrections
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Utah Attorney General’s Office
Utah State Department of Public Safety
Utah State Information and Analysis Center
Vermont State Police
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
Virginia Fusion Center
Virginia State Police
Washington State Attorney General’s Office
Washington State Department of Corrections
Washington State Division of Fraud Investigations
Washington State Gambling Commission
1st Corp Directorate of Emergency Services
42nd MP Brigade Force Protection
5th Army Battle Command Training Group
Arizona National Guard
Canadian Forces
Maine National Guard Counterdrug Task Force
Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug Team
Pentagon Force Protection Agency
Royal Netherlands Army, 103 ISTAR Battalion
TRADOC Command Provost Marshal Directorate
US Air Force – Joint Task Force 6
US Army 1001st MP Battalion (CID)
US Army 3rd Military Police Group (CID) Fort Gillem, Georgia
US Army 502D Security Forces Investigations, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
US Army 503D MP BN, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
US Army 5th MP BN (CID). Kaiserslautern, Germany
US Army 709th MP BN, Grafenwoehr, Germany
US Army 716th MP BN, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
US Army 720th MP BN, Fort Hood
US Army 759th MP BN, Fort Carson, Colorado
US Army 793rd MP BN, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
US Army 89th MP BDE, Fort Hood, Texas
US Army 91st MP BN, Fort Drum, New York
US Army 93rd MP BN, Fort Bliss, Texas
US Army 97th MP BN, Fort Riley, Kansas
US Army CID, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
US Army Counter Drug Support Program
US Army Directorate of Emergency Services, Fort Detrick, Missouri
US Army Directorate of Intelligence and Security, Fort Benning, Georgia
US Army HQ Criminal Investigation Command
US Army Installation Security Office, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
US Army Provost Marshal Office, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
US Marine Corps Provost Marshal Office – Camp Lejeune
US Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS)
Allstate Insurance Company
Bank of America
BNSF Railway Police
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Crime & Protection Solutions, LLC
Gates Defense
GEICO Insurance Company
Guarded Exchange
National Insurance Crime Bureau
Progressive Insurance Company
Rooms to Go
The Hartford Insurance Company
The Venetian Hotel Security, Las Vegas
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Albany Police Department
Albuquerque Police Department
Almemarle Police Department
Anchorage Police Department
Athens- Clarke County Government
Atlanta Police Department
Attleboro Police Department
Auburndale Police Department
Aurora Police Department
Austin Police Department
Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office
Baltimore Police Department
Barnstable Police Department
Baton Rouge Police Department
Beaverton Police Department
Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office
Billings Police Department
Boardman Police Department
Boston Police Department
Boulder Police Department
Bowling Green Police Department
Brantford Police Service
Broken Arrow Police Department
Broomfield Police Department
Broward County Sheriff’s Department
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s office
California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association
Canton Police Department
Cape Coral Police Department
Castle Rock Police Department
Cedar Park Police Department
Central Florida Intelligence eXchange (CFIX)
Charleston County Sheriff’s Office
Charlotte Police Department
Chattanooga Police Department
Chesterfield County Police Department
Chicago Police Department
Cincinnati Police Academy
Cincinnati Police Department
City of Kokomo Police Department
Collier County Sheriff’s Office
Colorado Crime Analysts Association
Colorado Springs Police Department
Columbus Police Department
Coral Gables Police Department
Coral Springs Police Department
Corona Police Department
Corpus Christi Police Department
Corvallis Police Department
Crime & Protection Solutions, LLC
Criminal Justice Institute, Central Florida Community College
Crystal Lake Police Department
Cuyahoga Community College
Dallas Police Department
Davie Police Department
DeKalb County Police Department
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office
Denver Police Department
Des Moines County Sheriff’s Department
Des Moines Police Department
Detroit Police Department
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Duluth Police Department
El Paso County Sheriff’s Department
Elmira Police Department
Emory University Police Department
Evansville Police Department
Everett Police Department
Fall River Police Department
Farmington Police Department
Florida Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association
Forest Park Police Department
Fort Collins Police Department
Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Fort Myers Police Department
Fort Worth Police Department
Franklin Police Department
Gadsden Police Department
Gallatin Police Department
Galveston County Sheriff’s Office
Gaston County Police Department
Gastonia Police Department
George Bush Intercontinental Airport Police
Gilbert Police Department
Glendale Police Department
Goshen Police Department
Greensboro Police Department
Guilford Police Department
Gwinnett County Police Department
Hagerstown Police Department
Harris County Sheriff’s Office
Hartford Police Department
Headwaters Public Safety Training
Henderson Police Department
Henrico County Division of Police
Hialeah Police Department
Honolulu Police Department
Horry County Police Department
Houston Police Department
Howard County Police Dept
Humble Police Department
Huntsville Police Department
Indian River County Sheriff’s Office
Indianapolis Police Department
International Association of Crime Analysts
Jacksonville Police Department
James City County Police Department
Jupiter Police Department
Kane-Cook Auto Theft Task Force
Kansas City Police Department
Key West Police Department
Kinston Department of Public Safety
Kissimmee Police Department
Lacey Police Department
Lagrange Police Department
Lake in The Hills Police Department
Lake Station Police Department
Lakeland Police Department
Lancaster Bureau of Police
Laredo Police Department
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Lavonia Police Department
Lee County Sheriff’s Office
Lenexa Police Department
Little Rock Police Department
Livonia Police Department
Longview Police Department
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Los Angeles International Airport Police Department
Los Angeles Police Department
Loveland Police Department
Macon Police Department
Madison Police Department
Manassas Police Department
Manchester Police Department
Marana Police Department
Maritime Intelligence Support Team
MARTA Police Department
Maui Police Department
Medlothian Police Department
Memphis Police Department
Meridian Law Enforcement Security
Meridian Police Department
Mesa Police Department
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Miami Police Department
Miami-Dade Police Department
Midland Police Department
Milwaukee Police Department
Minneapolis Police Department
Mobile County Sheriff’s Office
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
Montgomery County Police Department
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Murfreesboro Police Department
Murphy Police Department
Naperville Police Department
Nashville Police Department
New Castle Police Department
New Orleans Police Department
Newport News Police Department
Newport Police Department
Norfolk Police Department
Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy
Norwalk Community College, Public Safety Academy
Novi Police Department
Oak Lawn Police Department
Oakland Police Department
Ogden Police Department
Oklahoma City Police Department
Orange County Sheriff’s office
Orlando Police Department
Ovieda Police Department
Palatine Police Department
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Palo Alto Police Department
Pasadena Police Department
Perry Police Department
Pflugerville Police Department
Phoenix Police Department
Pima County Sheriff’s Department
Pine Bluff Police Department
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Pitt County Sheriff’s Office
Plano Police Department
Polk County Sheriff’s Office
Port of Tacoma Police
Portland Police Bureau
Portsmouth Police Department
Poughkeepsie Police Department
Prince George’s County Police Dept
Prosper Police Department
Provo Police Department
Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department
Raleigh Police Department
Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office
Randall County Sheriff’s Office
Reno Police Department
Reynoldsburg Police department
Richmond Police Department
Ride Metro, Metro Houston Police Department
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
Riverside Police Department
Roanoke Police Department
Rochester Police Department
Rockwall Police Department
Romeoville Police Department
Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office
Sacramento Police Department
Salt Lake City Police Department
Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office
San Antonio Police Department
San Diego County Sheriff’s Office
San Diego Police Department
San Jose Police Department
San Jose Police Department
Sandy Springs Police Department
Santa Ana Police Department
Savannah – Chatham Metropolitan Police Department
Savannah Police Department
Schoolcraft College – Radcliff
Scottsdale Police Department
Seattle Police Department
Seminole County Sheriff
Spokane County Sheriff’s Department
Springfield Police Department
St. Charles Police Department
St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy
St. Louis Police Department
St. Petersburg Police Department
Suwanee Police Department
Tampa Police Department
Tempe Police Department
Texas city Police Department
Tiffin Police Department
Tinley Park Police Department
Titusville Police Department
Tri-City Drug Task Force, St. Paul, Mn.
Tucson Police Department
Tulsa Police Department
Two Rivers Police Department
University of Akron Criminal Justice Technology Program
University of Maryland Police Department
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Police
Virginia Beach Police Department
Waco Police Department
Waltham Police Department
Warner Robins Police Department
Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department
West Chicago Police Department
West Melbourne Police Department
West Palm Beach Police Dept
Western Chapter of IALEIA-Canada
Western Illinois University
Wichita Falls Police Department
Wilmington Police Department
Winston-Salem Police Department
Winter Garden Police Department
Wyoming Police Department
York – Poquoson Sheriff’s Office
Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center (MOCIC)
Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN)New England State Police Information Network (NESPIN)
Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC)
Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN)
Western States Information Network (WSIN)