Free Training

We recognize that many people who would like to attend Alpha Group courses are unable to do so either because of fiscal constraints or prohibitions their agencies may have regarding out-of-state travel. Other agencies simply have so many people that need training that the cost of sending them all at once may be a financial hardship.

Host a Course

One solution to these problems is to HOST A COURSE. Typically there is NO CHARGE to host a course in the United States and Canada, and in exchange for your providing a room for the training, you will receive FREE TRAINING seats as well. By hosting a course your agency can receive thousands of dollars in FREE TRAINING at NO COST to your organization. We provide all of the promotional materials and pay all instructor expenses without charge to the agency as well.


If you are with an agency that is outside the United States or Canada, or if you would like to have a course presented solely for the members of your agency, we also have special plans that are similarly designed to meet YOUR training needs!

Whatever your situation may be, we would be happy to discuss the ways in which we can bring our Alpha Group courses to you. We will also be happy to send you a comprehensive, no-obligation training proposal which details the content of our programs.


If you would like to talk to us about these training opportunities, please CONTACT us for more information, or send us an E-MAIL. We look forward to being of service to you!