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Earn Your Professional Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis

This is the most comprehensive course in crime analysis presented in the United States today!

Kurt ZimmerLas Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Why the Alpha Group?

This globally recognized certificate program prepares you for a career in crime and intelligence analysis and is required by most agencies for employment. Whether you are new to law enforcement or experienced, you’ll learn the skills you need to work in both the public and private sector, including local, state, and federal law enforcement.



Analyze crime data and forecast future criminal events



Classify human behavior to unravel serial crime masterminds



Connect the dots to uncover conspiratorial and hidden relationships between people, organizations and criminal events



Assess and Address Local Public Safety/Police Satisfaction Levels and Community Fear of Crime Concerns


Alpha Group Center

The Alpha Group is the largest crime and intelligence analysis training organization in the world. It founded the certificate program, and has trained analysts for more than 25 years across the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia.

More About Alpha


Steven Gottlieb

Steven Gottlieb

Steven L. Gottlieb, M.P.A., wrote the book on Crime Analysis and founded the crime and intelligence analysis certificate program. He served as a sworn police officer with West Covina PD and as Deputy Sheriff with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer Makhani specializes in adult learning and cognitive psychology. He is a professor, policy advisor, learning strategist, and consultant. Tanveer is internationally recognized for his expertise in creating public and private training programs.

ken m


Kenneth Morris, B.A., is one of only 75 active criminal profilers in the world. Ken is a veteran police officer and has been providing behavioral assistance to local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies for over two decades.

ken s


Ken Sanz is known for his prominent intelligence analysis work on organized crime cartels, gangs, and criminal networks. He began his career as an officer with Tampa PD and later became a detective with the Vice Control Bureau and Organized Crime Unit.


Eva Rhody

Eva Rhody is a nationally recognized criminal intelligence analyst who provides her analytical expertise to the FBI, IRS, US Secret Service, US Attorney’s Office and many other state and federal law enforcement agencies.

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Ready to start a career in Crime and Intelligence Analysis?


This course absolutely blew my mind in terms of the predictive power and possibilities that comes with statistics. I was especially mesmerized by the idea that you could transform a simple map into a geo-coordinate chart, which can then be used to predict potential locations of next hits. Amazing.

This was a very well-developed course. It kept me engaged and provides a solid foundation to develop crime studies at my agency.

Fantastic. Literally, so much fun. I felt like I was doing a puzzle game, or a virtual escape room, every time I came to class.

I wish every online class I have taken was in this format. I was able to learn a lot more than I thought I would in the time this course started to the time this course ended.

I enjoyed everything about this course. It was such a great session and very interesting. It is exactly what I needed to learn for my current position as a crime and intelligence analyst.

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