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Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program

About The Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program

The goal of The Alpha Group’s Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program is to provide both existing and aspiring public and private sector crime and intelligence analysts with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully on the job, broaden their career horizons, recognize their professional status and acknowledge their unique contributions to the organizations they serve.

The Alpha Group’s Program is offered in collaboration with California State University, Sacramento. This means that upon your fulfillment of Program requirements, you will receive your official Certificate of Participation from the University that formally acknowledges your successful completion of this renowned and prestigious program of study. Additionally, because it is based on demonstrated performance, police and other executives know that when they hire a Certificate Program graduate, they are hiring an analyst who has actually demonstrated their ability to perform successfully on the job. It is for these reasons that this particular Certificate Program is so highly regarded within the law enforcement community today.

We are also pleased to announce that your completion of the Certificate classes provides even more opportunities for you to enhance your knowledge, add to your skills, increase your professional growth, and broaden your career options:

Additional Opportunity #1: The International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) awards continuing education points for your successful completion of our classes that can be counted toward your becoming an IACA Certified Law Enforcement Analyst (CLEA)

Additional Opportunity #2: Successful completion of our Certificate Program’s Criminal Intelligence Analysis coursework also fulfills the qualifying intelligence course requirement needed to obtain the Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA) designation that is made available through the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) Professional Certification Program.

The University Certificates our students receive upon their graduation are readily accepted by public sector federal, state, provincial, municipal, and military law enforcement agencies, as well as by banks, insurance companies, major retailers, corporate security, state gambling and gaming commissions, casinos and resorts, and other private sector enterprises that require formal verification of not only the education you’ve received and the analytical skills you have developed, but of your demonstrated ability to capably provide professional services to the organization you serve.

Your Certificate provides that formal verification, and we cordially invite you to enroll in the Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program today. Let your Certificate be your “Ticket to the Future.”

Best Wishes for Much Success!

Steve Gottlieb
Executive Director