Intelligence Analysis Reviews

“Ken Sanz is an excellent, skilled speaker who could make ‘neuroscience’ interesting and informative. The course provided me with valuable resources and techniques that will allow me to do my job better, make stronger cases, and ultimately make my community safer.”

Investigator David Matthew Haney
Glynn County Police Department

“I have attended 4 of Ken’s courses in investigation and criminal intelligence and I have never had a better informed and enthusiastic instructor than Ken in 45 years in local, state and federal law enforcement experience.”

Lieutenant Robert S. Gaiser
Buckner Police Department

“Having attended (and hosted) a number of Ken’s classes, he is consistently on top of the intelligence game, and often ahead of the curve. He exudes professionalism.”

Detective Robert Holland
Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office

“I have attended two of the courses presented by Ken Sanz. Ken teaches secrets of not only conducting a professional intelligence mission, but how to keep it organized when it gets too big. Most of these tricks were skills that had taken years to develop through trial and error. If I had had Ken’s courses early on in my career I would have had the shortcuts to have been successful early on.”

Detective Sergeant Sean Barnwell
Branson Police Department

“Ken Sanz was outstanding every day of this class, not only in his presentation, but in the wealth of knowledge he shared. The program is excellent and highly recommended to all law enforcement.”

Officer Michelle Roberts
Sandy Springs Police Department

“I had the pleasure of taking Ken’s courses in Iowa. The courses I took have all served me well in my professional development. Without Ken, I could not have taken steps to improve and implement new ideas within my own agency, and within our correctional facility. Ken is top notch, and definitely the real deal!”

Deputy David Schilling
Olmstead County Sheriff’s Office

“The great thing about Ken’s criminal intelligence presentations are that they are realistic, reflecting what cops are experiencing on the street. I’ve been able to take the course material and immediately implement it.”

Detective Pete Francisco
Intelligence Unit
St. Petersburg Police Department

“This is a very useful and helpful class for people in all stages of their careers.”

Caitlin Rogers
Crime Analyst
Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

“The overall program has provided me with a plethora of information to bring back to my agency and use on a daily basis.”

Ashley Eannarino
Crime Analyst
Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

“This is an excellent program of study and it will help me in my career.”

Sgt. June Reeves
Columbus Police Department

“This is a great course. I’m grateful for all the information on the CD that I feel I can use on the job. Thanks!”

Adriana Flores
Administrative Analyst
Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team

“I will recommend this program and Ken to others in my organization. This course is priceless!”

John F. Williams, Manager
Real-Time Crime Center
Crime Analysis Unit
Memphis Police Department

“I loved this class and will take more courses and recommend it to coworkers. It has changed my myopic view to a more expansive one, and for that I am thankful.”

Detective Britney Brimhall
Mesa Police Department

“This was a very worthwhile program. Even having 35+ years experience I still learned several new concepts.”

Peter Pizzorni
Crime Analyst
Royal Oak Police Department

“Excellent program! Wish I had taken this class earlier in my career!”

Sgt. Kevin Rhea
Novi Police Department

“This was a great class and I have learned many things that I hope to take directly to Troy and use immediately in our case investigations.”

Ben Nelms
Crime Data Analyst
Troy Police Department

“Since this is my first formal traning for intelligence, I sincerely appreciate the knowledge Ken has given us in person and on the CD.”

Officer Barbara Adams
Memphis Police Department

“I think it is a great course to help someone understand what intelligence is and how to use it to benefit your agency. It is an integral part of becoming a truly proficient analyst.”

Joy Logsden
Administrative Assistant III
Vernon Hills Police Department

“The course was excellent – very informative and provided me with some new tools to add to the tool belt.”

Officer Adam Boyd
Vernon Hills Police Department

“I found this program to be very beneficial, and the vast array of topics makes it applicable to many job assignments.”

Michelle Robinson
Investigative Assistant, Vehicle Crime Unit
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office

“Great course! I am leaving with a good understanding of the criminal intelligence process and with good tools to help me with my daily duties.”

Chad Melton
Criminal Intelligence Analyst
Washington State Fusion Center

“The program was well-organized, very informative and eye-opening as to what I need to be doing as an analyst for our investigative unit.”

Jason Porter
Crime Analyst
Novi Police Department

“Overall, I realize how fortunate I am to have attended this course. Ken Sanz is a blessing to his agency, the Alpha Group and law enforcement as a whole. The material discussed this week has been informative, applicable and beneficial beyond words. Thank you very much!”

Tara L. Brown
Team Leader
Staunton Police Department

“Fantastic! Great information put in an easily digested format.”

Jason Lindsey
Criminal Intelligence Coordinator
United States Army, CID

“Great program and awesome instructor. The course is very informative and provided much needed updated information.”

Detective Kenneth L. Gavin
Lynchburg Police Department