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“This is the most comprehensive course in crime analysis presented in the United States today!”

Kurt Zimmer

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

“Excellent-could have been longer!”

Win Norman, Major Case Specialist

Federal Bureau of Investigation

“As a policeman assigned to Crime Analysis, it helped me to understand the duties of my job and how to do it efficiently.”

Jim Swanson

Los Angeles, CA, Police Department

“From the opening remarks, Steve captures the attention of his students and takes them on an exciting, fact-filled journey through the world of crime analysis. The course is loaded with useful tips, easy to follow resource material, and good solid information that every student will use. Many people involved in the field of crime analysis have been taught the “tricks of the trade”… Steve Gottlieb’s Crime Analysis Applications Training “teaches you the trade.”

Skip Baylor, Central Crime Analyst Coordinator

Montgomery County (Maryland) Dept. of Police

“Just want to thank you for your excellent presentation at our International Association of Crime Analysts Conference in Denver. Your congenial style along with your obvious understanding of the field made you a natural for analysts.”

Dale Harris, President

International Association of Crime Analysts

Arvada, CO, Police Department

“It’s great! I’d like to see a “boiled down” version for police supervisors and managers- they need some exposure to this stuff!”

Janne Turner

Burbank, CA Police Department

“Very informative. The instructors were personable, knowledgeable, and humorous. The class always seems extra special when you invite class participation and make it fun to learn. You were great. Thanks for all your patience and expertise!!”

Debra Ruub

Simi Valley, CA, Police Department

“Your instruction in the use of statistical analysis was extremely well-received by the students. In fact, the only change requested was an increase in the amount of time allocated to your presentation. I sincerely hope you will be able to take part in future courses as your expertise and teaching style would greatly benefit state and local law enforcement agencies.”

Gregory M. Cooper, Program Manager

Violent Criminal Apprehension Program

Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Thank you for participating in the Governor’s Conference on Victim Services and Public Safety. Your involvement as a workshop presenter enriched the conference by strengthening the knowledge of each attendee.”

G. Albert Howenstein, Jr.

Executive Director

Office of Criminal Justice

“Thank you for donating your time and expertise in the field of criminal analysis to speak with officers of the State Intelligence Group and Drug Enforcement Agency. Officers who attended relayed to me that your lecture was most interesting and thought provoking.”

Sue Bolton

Office of Strategic Services

New South Wales Police Service,

Sydney, Australia

“Great! Packed a lot into four-and-a-half days. I’m eager to go back and use it!”

Sioux City, IA, Police Department

“Great course-All crime analysts should attend.”

T. Wallin

Los Angeles Police Department

“Well-presented, entertaining and easy material to read and refer to. Thanks!”

Bret Vosikia

Chico, CA, Police Department

“Great-I want more!”

Sgt. Conrad Zvarra

Milwaukee, WI, Police Department

“Excellent course! It was the most I have learned in the least amount of time!”

G. Mark Abernathy

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

“Enjoyed learning how to predict future events and seeing the different ways in which data can be used to support increases/decreases in crime.”
Al Fix

Costa Mesa, CA, Police Department

“The step-by-step exercises were presented in an easy-to-follow format. Humor and stories shared made the class enjoyable. These examples and exercises will serve as an excellent tool to bring back to work and apply in real situations and requests for information.”
Janet Dunford

San Clemente, CA, Police Department

“Best crime analysis class I’ve been to!”
Sgt. Will Sargent

Collier County, FL, Sheriff’s Department

“Excellent-Skills taught are directly applicable to the crime analyst’s job.”
Joyce Dilworth

Marysville, CA, Police Department

“Very good. Exceeds, by far, previous training that I have received crime analysis.”
Dianna German

Commerce City, CO, Police Department

“The greatest strength of this course was how the material was presented and how much knowledge the instructors had.”
Adrienne Robinson

Emeryville, CA, Police Department

“Expertly presented-timely and useful information.”
Michael Krohn

Maryland State Police

“I am so glad I attended this class. It certainly did give me new ways of looking at things.”
Lesa Marcolini

Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Excellent course-anxious to get back to the office to use it!”
Lt. Larry Woessner

Westminster, CA, Police Department

“I found this to be a very interesting class. Having little familiarity with statistics, I gained a considerable amount of knowledge. It helped to have real world examples to work with.”
Sgt. Robert Smith

Beaumont, TX, Police Department

“Every segment of this class was useful and beneficial to me. I’m anxious to apply many of the ideas I have learned this week. Thanks for your time-you’re great instructors!”
Toni Gray

Orange, CA, Police Department

“I consider the class of great value to those who study crime, its patterns and trends. I wish the class was longer!”
Louisa Chabot

Los Angeles CO, CA Sheriff’s Department

“Fantastic! I learned so much and found out that some of my ‘seat of the pants ideas’ were right on target. I highly recommend this course for all crime analysts!”
Linda Kunzman

Pinellas County, FL, Sheriff’s Office

“This was a very enjoyable course. I have more confidence in what I’m doing for my agency. I learned to work smarter-not harder.”
Metre Lewis

Melbourne, FL, Police Department

“Excellent program, well delivered, very learnable with excellent practical application. Besides, it was fun!”
Judy Traugott

Manatee County, FL, Sheriff’s Office

“Outstanding! Should be a ‘must’ for all analysts.”
Joel Shiver

Lakeland, FL, Police Department

“Very informative-helps you see the ‘big picture’ and to have fun with it!”
Kelli McInerney

Coral Springs, FL, Police Department

“This type of training- true crime analysis- is rare. And when it’s combined with Mr. Gottlieb’s expertise and humor, it’s truly an enjoyable experience.”
Carolyn Arbogast

Manatee County, FL, Sheriff’s Office

“I am so impressed with the book and seminar that I plan to work to make it the standard for crime analysis unit educational requirements and all state mandates.”
Richard P. Higbie

Palm Bay, FL, Police Department

“Without doubt policing in the 1990s is becoming a more complex and demanding task. In terms of offering timely, pertinent, and practical training in crime analysis techniques, this course is undoubtedly at the cutting edge of current methods and techniques. It enables students to develop skills and acquire knowledge which will make a significant impact on the way policing should be carried out in the future. The changing face of policing makes this course not an option, but increasingly necessary.”
Adrian Beck, Professor

Center for the Study of Public Order

University of Leicester, Leicester, England

“Absolutely fantastic! The most useful course I’ve taken in all of the ten years of my law enforcement career.”
Sandy Shields

Indian River County, FL, Sheriff’s Office

“Excellent program! This is absolutely the best program I’ve been through in my law enforcement career. Mr. Gottlieb put crime analysis concepts into terms that a third grader could understand! I recommend the class to anyone in the law enforcement field.”
Jody Spradlin

Conway, AR, Police Department

“I have learned more in the past week than in any other crime analysis class I’ve attended. It will greatly enhance my effectiveness as an analyst.”
Randy Stroud

Baton Rouge, LA, Police Department

“Very Good! This is the best crime analysis class I have ever had-in fact, one of the best classes ever!”
Lt. Leonard Montgomery

North Little Rock, AR, Police Department

“This is one of the best programs that I have attended in many years. It was very informative and well presented.”
Diane Cader

Arkansas State Police

“I’ve been to numerous police courses throughout my career. Steve Gottlieb is by far the best and most knowledgeable in this field. I recommend this course for all analyst and management.”
Tim Byrne

Albuquerque, N.M., Police Department

“Excellent says it all. I have been involved in crime analysis for fifteen years and I learned a lot of new ideas.”
Captain Sam Dockery

Pine Bluff, AR, Police Department

“Extremely valuable, common sense approach to teaching crime analysis techniques, full of wit and thought-provoking at the least. One of the few training programs that covers the basics as well as the more complex aspects of crime analysis work.”
Shauna Keahey

Salt Lake County, UT, Sheriff’s Department