About the program:

Alpha Group Certificate Program graduates typically seek employment with both public and private sector organizations. Crime and Intelligence Analysts are employed by the nation’s over 18,000 federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies. They also work for the US Military and for major private sector companies as well.

Program Benefits


The need for Crime and Intelligence Analysis training has become increasingly recognized over the years as law enforcement agencies throughout the country continue to deal with rising levels of crime and disorder in the face of declining resources.

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    As a Crime AND Intelligence Analysis Certificate holder, you are uniquely positioned to give patrol officers, investigators, and administrators the information they need to not only identify and correctly define community problems, but to assist them with the development and evaluation of strategies that can best resolve them.
    Police administrators know that when they hire an Alpha Group certificated Crime AND Intelligence Analyst, they are hiring someone who has actually demonstrated their ability to perform successfully on the job. It is for this reason that this particular Certificate Program is held in such high regard within — and why your services, knowledge and expertise are so valued by — both law enforcement and corporate security organizations today.


Law enforcement and other government officials send their sworn officers and civilian personnel to our seminars, workshops, presentations, and training programs because of our proven ability to provide them with high-quality, performance-oriented training.

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    Class exercises are based on real-world crime problems and global security concerns that officers, investigators and the intelligence analysts who support them are confronted with each day. As such, students return to their agencies with not only the knowledge of what they should do, but, more importantly, how they should do it. Skills are developed by instructors who are intimately familiar with the techniques needed to identify, analyze and develop viable abatement or interdiction strategies and by the students use of our comprehensive, easy-to-understand course materials.
    These elements contribute to the continued popularity of our Criminal Analysis Training Programs. Our success, however, comes from our achievement of one important goal: We Turn Theory into Practice.


Enroll now, earn your Certificate, and start down the path that leads to a rewarding career as a Crime and Intelligence Analyst working in either a federal, state/provincial, municipal or military law enforcement agency, or in a major private-sector corporation, many of which employ Crime and Intelligence Analysts.

Is this program right for you?

  • You are looking for an exciting career, where no two days are ever the same, that fills you with an extreme sense of purpose, and deals with a fascinating topic that few people will ever see beyond television or the movies, and that’s CRIME and the pursuit of criminals! Additionally: You may be thinking about a career in law enforcement but do not want to become a police officer.
  • You have some knowledge of the Crime and Intelligence Analysis profession and
    seek employment as a Crime and Intelligence Analyst with a federal, state, municipal or
    military law enforcement organization.
  • Because of visual, hearing, or other challenges you may be unable to meet the
    physical requirements of a police officer, but may be able to meet the job requirements of a crime and intelligence analyst.
  • Because of a job loss you are seeking an early or mid-life career change.
  • You are a non-medically or medically-retired law enforcement officer or military veteran who wishes add to your income or simply desires to remain active within the law enforcement or military community.
  • You are recently employed in the crime and intelligence analysis field but may
    have limited experience in this profession
  • You work in a crime or intelligence analysis unit but have received little of the formal training necessary to more fully develop your analytical skills
  • You are a law enforcement employee (sworn or civilian) who needs to know how to better use data and information to increase your effectiveness on the job.
  • You are a sworn officer or non-sworn civilian who now—or may later—supervise crime and intelligence analyst personnel.
  •  You wish to have a career as a crime and intelligence analyst but seek employment with private sector organizations such as banks, insurance companies, railroads, large retailers, defense contractors, large hotel and resort chains, casinos, gambling and gaming commissions, and other organizations, many of which employ Crime and Intelligence Analysts.


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Crime Analysis


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