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looking for an exciting career?

Where no two days are ever the same, that fills you with an extreme sense of purpose, and deals with a fascinating topic that few people will ever see beyond television or the movies: CRIME and the pursuit of criminals

Our online courses provide you with the flexibility to complete their requirements from anywhere at any time.

They blend effective learning strategies with the flexibility needed by busy criminal justice professionals as well as students seeking a career in this exciting career. An internet connection is all that is required to enjoy the easy-to-use online classroom that presents each of our courses in an engaging and meaningful format. You can complete the Certificate program from home, work, or any place convenient for you and your schedule.

Is this program right for you? It is if…

You are looking for an exciting career,

No two days are ever the same, that fills you with an extreme sense of purpose, and deals with a fascinating topic that few people will ever see beyond television or the movies: CRIME and the pursuit of criminals!

Law Enforcement Career Options

You may be thinking about a career in law enforcement but do not want to become a police officer.

You have some knowledge

You have some knowledge of the Crime and Intelligence Analysis profession and seek employment as a Crime and Intelligence Analyst with a federal, state, municipal or
military law enforcement organization.

unable to meet the physical requirements of a police officer

Because of visual, hearing, or other challenges you may be unable to meet the physical requirements of a police officer, but may be able to meet the job requirements of a crime and intelligence analyst.

Retired or Veteran

You are a non-medically or medically-retired law enforcement officer or military veteran who wishes add to your income or simply desires to remain active within the law enforcement or military community.

Private Sector

You wish to have a career as a crime and intelligence analyst but seek employment with private sector organizations such as banks, insurance companies, railroads, large retailers, defense contractors, large hotel and resort chains, casinos, gambling and gaming commissions, and other organizations, many of which employ Crime and Intelligence Analysts.


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About the Alpha Group

Offering the most comprehensive and the most frequently presented crime and intelligence analysis courses both within the United States and internationally as well, The Alpha Group is the largest crime and intelligence (criminal analysis) training organization in the world. Over the last 25 years we have been pleased to present our programs for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Secret Service, all branches of the U.S. military, and for numerous state and local law enforcement and government agencies throughout the United States, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East (Iraq and Turkey) and Asia.

Why Consider The Alpha Group

Having trained over 20,000 people worldwide to date, what separates The Alpha Group from other training providers is that we present a FULL RANGE of crime and intelligence analysis courses presented by law enforcement instructors who have not just read about criminal analysis or studied it as civilians from an academic point of view, but who have actually used the techniques they present to design, develop, implement, and operate dynamic criminal analysis programs, and, most importantly, to identify, apprehend, and incarcerate real-world crime perpetrators. Moreover, the techniques we present are not United States specific. As such, they may be used successfully anywhere in the world regardless of custom or culture. The Alpha Group’s comprehensive programs thus provide analytical personnel with a wide variety of proven techniques they can use to analyze both crimes against persons and property (such as robbery, rape, assaults, burglary, vehicle and other thefts) as well as conspiratorial crimes such as narcotics trafficking, organized crime, political corruption, and terrorism.

About Alpha Group Programs

The Alpha Group is best known for its ability to provide training in Crime Analysis, Criminal Intelligence and Analysis, Criminal Investigative Analysis (Criminal Profiling) and Research Methods in Law Enforcement.

About Our Crime and Intelligence Analysis Courses

Law enforcement and other government officials send their sworn officers and civilian personnel to our Criminal Analysis seminars, workshops, presentations, and training programs because of our proven ability to provide them with high- quality, performance-oriented training. Class exercises are based on real-world crime problems analysts are expected to solve each day. As such, students return to their agencies with not only the knowledge of what they should do, but, more importantly, how they should do it. Skills are developed by instructors who are intimately familiar with Criminal Analysis techniques, and by the students use of our comprehensive, easy-to-understand course materials.

These elements contribute to the continued popularity of our Criminal Analysis Training Programs.

Our success, however, comes from our achievement of one important goal: We Turn Theory into Practice.TM

About the Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis Program

The Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis Program is designed to provide an academic yet practical training curriculum for both sworn and civilian criminal analysts worldwide and to formally recognize their contributions to the law enforcement profession. Within California, the pro- gram is taught at California State University Sacramento, California State Univer- sity, Fullerton, and at the University of California, Riverside. However, because Alpha Group instructors teach the DOJ curriculum within the University systems, the California Department of Justice allows students who attend our courses and who receive this curriculum at any satellite locations at which it is taught to receive certification as well. Thus, one need not travel to California to receive certification.

All participants in the Alpha Group’s Crime Analysis Applications, Criminal Intelligence and Analysis, Criminal Investigative Analysis, and Research Methods training courses are eligible to have their coursework credited toward the attainment of their professional Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis.

Additionally, should they pursue this certification option, they are also eligible to receive university credit for their coursework.

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