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Congratulations on your desire to obtain your Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis. Upon your graduation from this highly esteemed program, you will be awarded the official Certificate of Participation from California State University System that officially verifies the successful completion of your program of study in Crime and Intelligence Analysis. This is the largest program of study for crime and intelligence analysts in the world with over 1,600 people from throughout the United States, Canada and Europe who have earned their Certificates to date. It is also the ONLY program that offers a Certificate in both disciplines (Crime Analysis and Criminal Intelligence Analysis) to any person in any state or country who successfully completes the curriculum.

This prestigious certificate is based on DEMONSTRATED performance. It is for this reason that you are required to complete the enclosed materials. Agency administrators know that when they hire a Certificated Crime and Intelligence Analyst they are hiring someone who has truly demonstrated their ability to perform successfully on the job. It is also for this reason that this particular program of study is so well regarded within the law enforcement community today.

As such, we ask that you NOT share these materials with anyone else, and that you NOT give anyone else the link to this download site. What separates you from other people is that YOU have expended the time, effort and money to enhance YOUR skills. It would not be fair to you, nor to the over 1600 graduates of this program, to simply give these materials to other people who would want to use YOUR work and our materials to represent themselves as having skills they do not truly possess. Were that to occur, and were they unable to perform competently in a work environment, it would diminish the status of the Certificate and thus devalue its worth to you and the others who have obtained their professional credentials by honorable means.

Remember the old adage: Integrity Cannot be Stolen. It Can Only be Given Away

-Author Unknown

Please be true to yourself, your profession, and the people who are counting on you to maintain the highest level of ethics in your pursuit of your Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis credential. We therefore ask that you adopt the phrase that has become the slogan of the other graduates of the program, and that is:  BE FAIR–DON’T SHARE!

Best wishes for much success!


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