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Kenneth Morris, B.A., is a veteran police officer who specializes in the art of criminal investigative analysis. As one of only 75 active criminal profilers in the world, Ken has been providing behavioral assistance to local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies for over a decade.

Ken’s unique expertise began with his service as an investigator in the Violent Crimes Unit for the Bureau of Criminal Investigations of the Virginia State Police. In 2002 he entered the renowned and highly esteemed Criminal Profiling Certification Program of the International Criminal Investigative Analysis Fellowship, an organization whose membership includes active and retired profilers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Texas Rangers, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police, the New Scotland Yard and numerous other superb law enforcement agencies from throughout the world. Ken’s profiling Certification included the review and assessment of hundreds of active cases and his participation in over sixty specialized crime topics taught by nationally recognized experts in the field of violent crime and sexual deviancy research Group.

Ken Morris worked many notable investigations during his career, including the Washington, D.C. sniper case, the Colonial Parkway serial murders, the Lisk-Silva serial homicides and the disappearance and murder of college student Taylor Behl. He has also lectured extensively on violent crime topics to law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, medical examiners, forensic nurses, and crime analysts throughout North America.


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