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Eva Rhody is a nationally known and recognized criminal intelligence analyst who has provided her analytical expertise to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, US Secret Service, US Attorney’s Office and many other state and federal law enforcement agencies.

A veteran of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) until her retirement from the agency, Eva’s career included lengthy assignments as a Senior Management Analyst Supervisor and Criminal Intelligence Analyst with the FDLE’s Office of Statewide Intelligence, the Florida Fusion Center and the prosecution teams of the Office of Executive Investigations. Within this role Eva provided the investigative and intelligence analysis support that resulted in the successful prosecution of many public corruption cases, economic crime and fraud cases (such as Medicaid, healthcare, bid rigging/contract fraud, etc.), election law cases, illegal campaign contribution and other crimes against the government. As part of the investigative process, Eva conducted extensive financial, bank, credit card and securities analyses, analyzed FINCEN and Currency Transaction Reports, prepared net worth analyses, analyzed credit history information, conducted telephone toll analyses, created association matrices, link and flow charts, and designed Excel and Access computer databases to quickly capture, organize, and manage voluminous amounts of investigative and financial information.

A CMS Certified Instructor through the Florida Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training, these are the skills Eva Rhody now provides to Alpha Group students in her “hands-on,” “learn-by-doing” crime and intelligence and analysis classes. Moreover, students also learn how to glean information from Social Media sites and how to use PowerPoint to create impressive presentations for exhibit to state and federal grand juries, statewide prosecutors, US Attorneys and other officers of the court.

The holder of a Top Secret Clearance from the US Department of Justice, Eva is also a Contract Investigator. In addition to her teaching she currently conducts in-depth federal background investigations for subjects and sources as they relate to positions of national security, or for those who require access to sensitive or classified government information.