Homeland Security Reviews

“The best concept I gained from this course is that one failure as a law enforcement community and as a government is the failure to address the early warning signs of domestic activity/organization of anti-American groups. This is an excellent program. Bring in managers-they need this!”

Manuel B. Pondakos
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

“Even though I was aware already, it is always a shock to see the amount of groups that are ‘hiding out’ in America waiting for their ‘cause’. As such I particularly enjoyed the discussion on the history of terrorism. This program was very well presented.”

Brian Cook
Pinellas Park Police Department

“This is an outstanding program! Street officers should have training in this field.”

Dave Schilt
Treasure Island Police Department

“Excellent course! Mike knows his material well! Presented in an interactive environment that encourages attendees to think, learn, and participate. This course teaches thought processing through exercises that can only enhance the efforts of many agencies. Mike’s experience as a cop, detective, manager, and supervisor of a large analyst group addresses all aspects of law enforcement knowledge and practices. Local, state, and federal agencies, as well as any position level in law enforcement, can benefit from this course!

Salt Lake City [Police] hosted this class and the attendees were all very positive and energized by what they learned. You won’t be disappointed.”

Peggy Call, Crime/Intelligence Analyst
Salt Lake City Police

“I learned so much! Major Ronczkowski did a great job of taking a lot of information and developing a class that was understandable and of use in day-to-day investigations.”

Doug Templeton
Department of Justice Coordination

“The material was very well covered and the instructor made good use of audio and visual aids to enhance his presentation. Great handout material!”

Pete Francisco
St. Petersburg Police Department

“Thanks to the topics covered in this course, I have a better understanding of foreign and domestic terrorism. I was very pleased with this program and would love to be a part of any related courses.”

John Wiseman
Indian Shores Police Department

“I fully enjoyed the entire program. It was well presented and the course materials are great! In short, it is excellent and I highly recommend it!”

Tim Burns
Department of Justice Coordination

“This was a very informative and eye-opening program. I really enjoyed learning what types of sites are targets and what to look for in possible terrorist or their supporters.”

Margaret Palmisano
Gulfport Police Department

“This was a great training course! Major Michael Ronczkowski has good knowledge of the topic!”

Vincent J. Marsilia
St. Petersburg Beach Police Department

“I loved the videos! I had no idea that these terrorist groups were so open about their beliefs. This was a great class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept our attention.”

Cindy Schaer
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office